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Hey guys!

Finally I have been able to send the web version of Clear Vision 5 to lovely Newgrounds!

Check it out here!


Warm regards,

Clear Vision 5 submitted here at NG!

I'm pleased to say that Clear Vision is now finally available on the AppStore!

Here it is:

It is available for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch!

Have fun you guys!

Clear Vision NOW ON APPSTORE! Check it out!

After over a year of sweat, tears and blood the result is finally ready for the AppStore in January!

Clear Vision for the iPhone is longer and better than ever, ever, EVER before and I am genuinly proud of it.

Now all I hope for is that it was all worth it!

I'll definetly let you know when it's out. You can also visit my website for news!


Clear Vision for iPhone/iPad/iPad is coming in January!

I visit Newgrounds every day!

2011-04-18 12:35:24 by Daani

Hey ya'll it's been a long time since I updated this post or submitted anything!

I just want to let you know that I visit NG every day several times a day to see what's going on. I'm working on Clear Vision for the iPhone and it's a lot of work! I haven't been able to make stuff for Newgrounds due to work!

Once I'm done with Clear Vision for the iPhone (in a month or so) I will sit back and do some fun things to share with you here at the Newgrounds community!

Not-dead-Dan ;)

Clear Vision 4 release date!

2010-05-24 06:13:02 by Daani

I'm glad to announce that Clear Vision 4 will be released the 5th of november at Addictinggames!
Stay tuned!


It's maa B-day today!

2010-03-24 04:40:24 by Daani

Damn right I'm turning 20 today! Awesome now I can go and buy booze:) Oh btw Clear Vision 4 is almost completed!

Stay cool,

"Clear Vision 4" is in the making!

2009-03-27 21:14:32 by Daani

I'm happy to say that I've started developing a new "Clear Vision". It's going to be something special I hope!

Follow progress and get the latest news at dpflashes.com if you'd like.

As usual I'm beeing annoying by keeping a lot of the gameplay and story secret until it's actually released, i hope you can live with that!


"Clear Vision 4" is in the making!

Something new

2008-08-09 04:00:45 by Daani

Gash I need to write something.

But what? :3

Oh ye, I'm working on a movie project besides some other stuff. I'm not gonna reveal to much for ya but at least I could share a pic from the opening scene!

Still working on it though

Something new

Clear Vision: Elite Edition is out!

2008-03-20 03:23:13 by Daani

Tomorrow (3rd of July) is Clear Vision: Elite Edition going to be released at addictinggames.com.
I am not allowed to send it anywhere except AG since they have bought the exclusive rights to publish the game.

Enjoy it. A lot of sweat and tears have been put into it.

Dan Erhard Olsson (Daani)

Clear Vision: Elite Edition is out!

New stuff posted

2008-02-13 10:41:57 by Daani

I made a short movie the last days to practice drawing and I decided to send it to NG.
Check it out if you want to, take care!


New stuff posted